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Fáilte romhat! Welcome to Gaeltacht Minnesota!

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General Announcements

"Intro To Irish Gaelic"

Your Next Opportunity to Join Us ...

If you are looking to join our Monday night classes, your next opportunity to get the required "basic training", if you will, is fall of 2014. We will teach our "Intro to Irish Gaelic" class on four Mondays, running Sept. 29 through October 20. Registration is through St. Paul Community Education, and opens September 2.

There's more information about this course on our Community Ed Page.

Thanks so much to our Irish Fair Volunteers

We really appreciate the individuals who contributed their time to our booth at the Irish Fair. Thanks to Robert, Séamus, Magda, Caoimhe, Beatrix, Sue, Kerry, Colleen, Connie, Brandi, Keelin, Johana, Linda, Mariah and Jim.

From name tag data, we know that our volunteers had at least 1500 individual conversations with the public over the weekend!

Special thanks to Shari, Maureen, and Mary, who put in many, many hours at the booth. Add on top of that our additional gratitude to Shari and Maureen for handling things like the volunteer schedule and the parking arrangements.

Frankly, we are especially grateful to those who put in time at the booth because we need more help! It is difficult to see how we can continue to handle that level of interaction at the Irish Fair without more of our students pitching in. While we know some students cannot make that schedule, we also know that more students could contribute time than did ... especially if they think of it as a kind of payment for a year's free Irish lessons!

Thanks again to our great crew, especially the people who put in a lot of time and those who step up to do this year after year.

Great Workshop in Madison, WI

If you can be anywhere near Madison, WI the first weekend in October (Fri-Sun, 3-5), you can take part in a first rate Irish language workshop. You can download this flyer for an overview, and visit the Celtic Cultural Center's site for more information, including registration forms.


The latest (July) edition of The GaelMinn Gazette didn't get posted on this site when it went out. Sorry, it's up now.

News for Current Students

Handy calendar on the Events page.

For the rest of the summer, classes are meeting in separate locations.

Classes resume at Central on September 15.

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Mary's class 08/12
Wes's Class 08/12
Will's Class 08/12

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