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Fáilte romhat! Welcome to Gaeltacht Minnesota!

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General Announcements

THANKS so much!

We're very grateful to the many donations we received, not only from students but from other friends of Gaeltacht Minnesota. And we gathered the funds we need to support our activities in the coming year.Our deepest thanks to everyone who made a contribution (and, of course, if you didn't get around to it in the past few weeks, we'll still take your money!)

Two Events of Interest

Some of our friends in the local community are holding in the near future:

Weather cancellation procedures

If you hear that St. Paul Community Ed Classes are canceled, that INCLUDES Gaeltacht Minnesota. So listen to 'CCO or similar resources (or set up an alert to your e-mail on one of the news media sites) and stay home if you hear such a notice.

In winter, ALWAYS check here before you head to class. We'll do our best to have a notice up as early as possible if classes are canceled for any reason.

News for Current Students

( Handy calendar on the Events page.)

Schedule: NO Class on

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Mary's class 02/12
Wes's Class 06/02
Will's Class 02/12

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