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Fáilte romhat! Welcome to Gaeltacht Minnesota!

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General Announcements

GaelMinn Gazette Ships

The GaelMinn Gazette, our free monthly e-newsletter of tips on how to be smarter about learning Irish, went out to our list of about 600 subscribers on October 25. If you do not subscribe (which would be silly!), you can read the latest issue here.

And if you like what you see, why not sign up? We never share your e-mail, of course. And each issue not only has a couple of helpful tips for effective study techniques (described in English, of course) -- of interest to students around the world -- it lists our activities and other events of interest in our region.

Congratulations, new students!

We'd like to welcome and congratulate the students who completed our four-week "Intro to Irish Gaelic" class, and who are now joining our regular Monday activities. Well done!

The next offering of the "Intro" class will be in March of 2015.

Yay, Laura MacKenzie!

Every year the Irish Music and Dance Association honors one individual for her/his contribution to the community, and this year it is the highly deserving Laura MacKenzie. Laura is a brilliant musician, master of multiple instruments, teacher, and longtime keeper of the Celtic music tradition in the Twin Cities.

Laura has also been kind enough to come along with Marty and Pete and Dáithí to play for us at our annual Christmas Dinner.

Laura will be honored on the evening of Saturday, November 22nd, at The Celtic Junction. It is sure to be a great evening of music, besides a nice opportunity to show we appreciate her support. Details weren't set as this newsletter went out, but event details and perhaps advance tickets (which benefit the IMDA educational grant program) should be available soon at the Junction site.

News for Current Students

NOTE: October 27 was an all-class meeting, so there are no updates to individual class pages.

Handy calendar on the Events page.

Book Update for Will's Class.

Class Pages Updated . . .

Mary's class 10/02
Wes's Class 10/23
Will's Class 10/21

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