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Fáilte romhat! Welcome to Gaeltacht Minnesota!

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General Announcements

Irish Fair Volunteers: Everyone Can (and Should) Help!

We'll be doing our usual bit at the entrance to the Irish Fair on Harriet Island, F-Su, August 12-14. That "bit" means answering questions about what it is like to learn the language, your experience as a Gaeltacht Minnesota student. We'll also hand out over a thousand name tags, stamp kids' "Passports" to show they visited our tent, and generally be lovable and helpful.

This is something every student can help with, no matter what your level of Irish! It isn't about speaking Irish, it is about your interest in the language and what you are doing to learn it.

This is a great opportunity to support Gaeltacht Minnesota!

For more information on what's involved, visit our Volunteer Page. If you already know you're ready to help, you can go to our Volunteer Form to sign up.

Thanks, Denis, agus Slán

We have received the sad news that Gaeltacht Minnesota founder Denis Clarke passed away on June 25 (memorial page here). In the early 1980's, Denis was looking for someone to help him polish up the Irish he had learned in his younger days, and instead of being the pupil, he found himself the teacher of half a dozen fellows.

35 years on, Gaeltacht Minnesota continues to offer free, volunteer-led classes in much the same format he started with. Denis could not have imagined how the group he began would touch the lives of hundreds of students of the language over several decades.

It's a sad day for Gaeltacht Minnesota, but a good reminder that seemingly small contributions of time and effort can have wide and longlasting impact on the community.

"Intro" course offered this fall

Our four-week "Introduction to Irish Gaelic" will be offered through St. Paul Community Education starting at the end of September. This class will get you into our regular Monday night sessions. We'll have more information on this site later in the summer, or subscribe to The GaelMinn Gazette to make sure you see announcements.

GaelMinn Gazette Ships to (600+) Subscribers

The GaelMinn Gazette, our free monthly e-newsletter of tips on how to be smarter about learning Irish, is going out to our list of subscribers on July 25. If you do not subscribe (which would be silly!), you can read the latest issue here.

And if you like what you see, why not sign up? We never share your e-mail, of course. And each issue not only has a couple of helpful tips for effective study techniques (described in English, of course) -- of interest to students around the world -- it lists our activities and other events of interest in our region.

News for Current Students

( Handy calendar on the Events page.)


Note that the three classes split up during the summer, usually meeting every two weeks, but not necessarily on the same two weeks. Check with your instructor about the summer schedule, and don't be afraid to suggest likely meeting places, we can always use new options!

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