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Fáilte romhat! Welcome to Gaeltacht Minnesota!


General Announcements

IMDA - Gaeltacht Minnesota Event Saturday, Nov 4

Each fall, the Twin Cities Irish Music and Dance Association holds an event where they recognize someone for contributions to the Irish community at the same time they raise funds for their educational grants that support students of the culture, whether that's music, dance, or language. This year's event recognizes ones of our instructors,Will, who very much sees this as a Gaeltacht Minnesota night. There will be music and dance and "party pieces" from friends and supporters of our group, a night of fun, cash bar, pot luck desserts, suggested $10 donation at the door but it is up to you.

We'd welcome all of our friends, past students, and supporters to join us for a very entertaining evening! (Nov. 4 , 7pm, Celtic Junction)

News for Current Students

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No Mondays off between now and December 11.

Save the Date: Christmas Dinne December 18

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