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Rang Mháire (Mary's Class)


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We looked at the script for audio exercise 3C "Liosta siopadóireachta" and gave it another listen for the dialect exposure.

Then we listened to exercise 5a "Siobhán agus Róisín."

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We reviewed the script for the audio exercise we listened to last time -- "Liosta Mháire, Liosta Thomáis" -- and then listened again.

We went on to listen to the next audio exercise, which oddly had no worksheet or handout component. I've sent the text for you to take a look at.

Then we talked about "taitin," a great little verb to have in your toolbox. We get really accustomed to using "is maith le" and it works for a lot, but it's good to have options. For instance, I think you're familiar with this conversion:

But what if you're using use other tenses? Yeah, there's "ba" et al, but "taitin" has a natural advantage because it's a normal verb.

 Past:  Thaitin
 Future:  Taitneoidh
 Conditional:  Thaitneodh
 Past Habitual:  Thaitníodh

So, for instance,

Don?t forget that you can put this very normal verb into subordinate clauses:

You can also negate in the regular way, if you don't like something:

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