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09/21 /21


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Rang Mháire (Mary's Class)


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Turns out we may not have finished talking about PI 34, which is a two-page lesson. We reviewed the basics of the lesson, and for next time please find and review your answers for the exercises on the second page (or do them in the first place).

We finished our summer story! As always, I'm not sure how faithful it was to the truth, but I thought it was a fun read and I hope you did too.

I'm looking over the vocab and grammar notes for the next unit in the prefab communicative materials we sometimes use, so keep an eye out in your mailbox and if it shows up, take a gander at what's included.

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I played a very short clip from the radio for you, partly for a little listening practice, but also to break it to you that real people, out in the Irish speaking world right now, are using the seanchóras for numbers (here, "aon bhliain déag agus ceithre scór" for "ninety one years"). So, I may need to trot out a couple of lessons for you on that.

We went through the worksheet on "de vs do" and discussed a couple of issues.

Then we spent the rest of the evening reviewing the remainder of the vocabulary list for our summer story, so that next time we can see about finishing our reading, or at least making some good progress.

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