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Will's Class


Next class meeting will be May 25 .

Class Notes

We met April 27, when we:

Next time:

Listening Notes/Homework

Resource Notes:

Listening Homework:

There has been some news lately from the western Gaeltacht about new employment opportunities. One company that has been mentioned is, I think, Aeron Biomedical..

I recently heard an interview with a young woman who is employed at Aeron, and she spoke reasonably clearly and simply, so it seemed like a good piece to listen to for our class. So, listen to either or both of the sound files below:

Then, figure out the following information. Try to use her words as much as possible in your answers (in Irish).

  1. When did she first come to Conamara?
  2. How long has she been out of University?
  3. What sort of job/ post does she have with the company?
  4. What makes her job interesting? What does she like about the work?
  5. What are the people like where she works?
  6. What the work or the language and community?
  7. Is she pleased with her decision to work in Conamara?

Assorted Resources that have come up in class:

The "oral literature" exercise that we have looked at, and will visit again in February, can be found here on the Tuairisc site.

And Kerry shared a good source of listening/viewing media.


New Dineen story (An Bhadhbh)

Useful Links

Trying to capture things that come up, and that people might want to be able to find later...

Earlier, Maureen shared some ideas that are worth keeping handy, in book marks and on this page:

We also had some discussion on video resources, particularly YouTube. We also discussed TG4 a little, and I have some notes on that below.

Addition: Aistear is the translation site I mentioned, they have lots of tips about little fine points, it is a fun site to explore..

About TG4

TG4 is the Irish language TV channel, of course. There is plenty to explore there, but it can be challenging because, 1) most programs aren't subtitled and people are rattling on a t a good pace, and 2) many of their programs are talking about Irish affairs that we don't know much about.

But here are a couple of suggestions for using TG4, which you can find in the English interface here.

Campa Cúla4

A while back, Maureen mentioned a program she saw "at" Montana, from the Cúla4 "camp" series. Cúla4 is TG4's "brand" of material for children, and the camp series are meant to be instructive, probably even helping educate youngsters who had school initerrupted.

Anyway, these programs are organized around various subjects, and they can be found at the Campa Cúl4 site. The one Maureen saw centers around cooking. She said it was about 25 minutes long, Munsterish, but, as she says, it is divided into sections, namely:

"Listen Along" resources

It can be helpful to listen to an Irish speaker reading a text aloud while you follow along, it helps you focus on the sounds of the language and can help you sort out pronunciation questions. Here are a couple of options:

Comments and questions are welcome via e-mail