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Will's Class


Schedule Notes

Topic Notes

We've spent quite a bit of time on our favorite tenses ...

Looking forward to the rest of spring and summer, two topics that have been requested:

Last Time (April 24) {Back to Top}(back to top)


Is iomaí lá ag an uaigh orainn. It's many a day the grave will have us (so live for today!).


We heard about changes in school schedules, the March for Science, and other activities in an excellent conversation.

Homework I

We actually did the most recent homework first, the five sentences each in future and conditional. The grammar was good, and there were some fun sentences created for this exercise.

Homework II

Then we went back and reviewed the translations into Irish from this handout. Again, very good work, just a few glitches here and there.


For May 1

We have an article to translate, then discuss its ideas in class (okay if much of the discussion is in English).

Previous Class (April 17) {Back to Top}(back to top)


Ní leithne an t-aer ná an timpiste.. The air is not wider than the accident, that is, accidents can always happen, anywhere.


We spent the whole class time in conversation, people asked questions, and I hope you all recognize what an excellent accomplishment that is! Travel, music and theatre, work and weddings, Easter... conversation fueled by another excellent treat from Kerry the Baker.


We didn't get to the handout, so we'll carry that homework over for next time, with a little extra.

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