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An Triail

During the winter "term", we'll be focusing most of our attention on the play An Triail, by Máiréad Ní Ghráda. This separate section of the site will allow you to quickly see what you have missed on any given night.




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Máiréad Ní Ghráda

A brief biography, as Gaeilge, was provided on Feb. 14. We'll look at that a little more on the 7th of March..




  • born in Co. Clare, Cill Mháille (23rd December). Father Séamus Ó Gráda is a fluent speaker, who can recite vast tracts of Cúirt an Mheán Oíche, among other things


  • entered the Convent of Mercy school at Ennis


  • receives BA (Irish and French) from UCD


  • Completes M.A. (Gaeilge) thesis, "Satire in Irish", under Douglas Hyde


  • Jailed for selling republican flags (Gaelic League)


  • Becomes secretary to Ernest Bythe (Earnán de Blaghd), minister in the Free State government (till 1923)


  • Married Richard Kissane (Ristéard Ó Ciosáin) a senior garda. (Two sons)
  • Helps found An Comhar Drámaíochta to promote Irish language theatre


  • Gets post with 2RN (first national Irish radio service), compiling childrenís programs. (according to the 1926 census, 94 percent of married Irish women worked in the home). Very innovative programmer.


  • Becomes principal announcer of 2RN. (Goes part time in 1935)


  • Micheál MacLiammóir produces An Uacht at his Gate Theatre in Dublin comedy about someone faking his death to see what his relatives want from him
  • (? Date approximate) Begins working for Brún Ďs Ó Nuallán (Browne and Nolan), turning out teaching and school texts ó including Progress in Irish ó for the next 30 years


  • de Valera reinstates formerly barred male civil servants including her husband, she has to resign from 2RN ó the issue isnít women, it is married vs. single


  • An Grá agus an Gárda produced at the Peacock complex marital situation comedy


  • Tír na Deo: Peter Pan as Gaeilge


  • An Bheirt Deartháir agus scéalta eile.
  • An Uacht goes into its fourth reprintStories of independence & civil war


  • Manannán, science fiction novel for kids


  • An Comhar Drámaíochta merges with the Abbey, and she starts writing for them. Blythe again. In 50s, short one-acts after English influence her style


  • An Triail produced in Dublin ( 22 Meán Fómhair) scandalous, in contest review, mixed reactions ó Maude a big part, London Times loved it, even if the reviewer knew no Irish: now part of the leaving cert


  • Breithiúnas, her last play, is produced. After his death, politicianís lies about civil war/uprising accomplishments are exposed


  • Dies in Dublin (June 13th)


We talked about some interesting elements of her timeline. As we learn more about Ní Ghráda, look for these characteristics:

Finally, she doesn't so much defy expectations of her times as just march right past them. Very much a career woman, who raised two sons. Writing a play about the injustice of the treatment, by her community, of a young unwed mother -- when she herself is in her late 60s. Hired to put together children's programs on the radio, she becomes the first woman in the British Isles to be the lead announcer of a national radio service.


There is a list of works in the front of the script, and it doesn't begin to cover her educational works.

But, there's something missing!

Had you heard of this writer before we started the play? There's one well-known book from her educational works that isn't mentioned in the list of her works.

If you can't guess what book I'm talking about, put your cursor here:

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