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When feasible and appropriate, handouts from your class may be posted on the site. Depending on space and other considerations, we don't expect to keep most handouts up indefinitely, but we will try to give you an opportunity to get the materials you need if you happen to miss class.



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Buntús Cainte Review Sheets

Here are some of the weekly Buntús review sheets handed out in the past. They are all in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Please note that occasional words in these sheets are spelled differently than they are in Buntús Cainte, to better match the dialect Kia uses (as opposed to the official standard). The primary changes are:

  1. Prepositional pronouns formed from do are lenited, so Dia dhuit here, but Dia duit in the book.
  2. Sa eclipsis in this dialect (except d, t), but lenites in the standard. So these worksheets have sa mbosca rather than the sa bhosca you would see in the text.